College Playlist Guidelines

We'd like to feature the best musical theatre performances from your college on our website. We prefer performances that highlight one or more individual performers, but will accept all types. All college pages are driven by YouTube playlists. Any time the playlist is changed on YouTube, our website page immediately reflects those changes.

New viewers to colleges that host many musical theatre videos often aren't sure where to begin. The design of our site is intended to address this concern.

If you'd like to host the playlist(s) that are used to generate a website page or pages for your college, we ask that you manage one to three playlists. It is up to you to decide if a video should appear in multiple playlists or only once:

  • Intro to MyCollegeName Musical Theatre - required, containing 4 or less videos
  • Best of MyCollegeName Musical Theatre - recommended, containing 20 or less videos
  • MyCollegeName Musical Theatre - optional, containing 50 or less videos

Videos may come from one YouTube channel or from multiple channels; you may manage the playlist(s) even if none of the videos are from your channel.

If you'd like to manage the playlists(s) for your college or if you have any questions, please send a message at .