Best of BestArts

We host the following channels on YouTube, with over 150 videos. When we say "BestArts", we now mean this family of YouTube channels:

The BestArts channels now include over 300 playlists of the best musical theatre videos on YouTube. All of the 4,000+ videos on this website are generated automatically from YouTube playlists.

Our Favorites

The playlists available from this page provide a good starting point for those new to BestArts. The first group of playlists reflects our preferences while the second group of playlists reflects our viewers' preferences.

Comprehensive List of Our Videos

Since our videos are now spread across many channels, we thought it helpful to provide a list of all of the videos on each of our channels. We hope you'll favorite the BestArts videos that mean the most to you.

theBestArts videos

Viewer Favorites

Of course, our opinion is less important than that of our viewers. We decided the most accurate measure of viewer preference is based on the number of times a video is designated as a "Favorite." For the pages below, here are the current definitions:

  • Tier 1 - 200+ favorites from viewers
  • Tier 2 - 100+ favorites from viewers
  • Tier 3 - 50+ favorites from viewers

We hope you'll favorite the BestArts videos that mean the most to you.

Our Favorites - on Other Channels

This website is filled with our favorites on other channels. We wouldn't include them here if we didn't think they were special. However, you've got to start somewhere - so here are a few videos that particularly stand out:


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