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Favorite Performances - Young Artists

There are many wonderful young performers who are working towards a career on Broadway. Some of them are still in college while others have been out for several years.

Young Broadway

We all know that there are many talented young performers breaking into musical theatre. Here are a few who have made it to Broadway - or who we think will very soon.

Songwriters are a particularly important component of the young broadway world - and receive their kudos here.

YouTube Singers

It takes a lot of effort to "discover" the best singers on YouTube. So, we'll help you out. Although most (but not all) of these singers are amateurs, they are all extremely talented:

Favorite College Performances

Many great college music and musical theatre performances are now available online. We recommend quite a few of them here.

It would be very difficult to find these performances without great college YouTube channels. We provide a list of our favorite college channels.

Some of the best a cappella groups are found on college campuses. We include some of their great performances.

High School Musical Theatre

We're just starting to identify strong high school musical theatre performances...

American Idol

Our guilty pleasure. Most Idol seasons have only a few truly talented singers. Here are some of our favorite singers from all seasons of American Idol.

Great Songs

We present a few great songs for which there are several great performances. We include performances by both professionals and young artists.


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