YouTube API Issues

We list here the issues we have with the Google GData YouTube API. In our opinion, we should be able to perform any task (plus more) through the API that a user can perform on the YouTube website. While this page focuses on problems with the API, we sincerely thank Google and YouTube for the many great features the API provides.

YouTube API Bugs and Deficiencies

If something in the API doesn't work as documented or doesn't allow function that's available through the YouTube website, it's flagged here.

Friends list is truncated < 100
Regardless of the actual number, there's no way to retrieve more than the first 90 or so Friends.
List of subscribers not available
There's no way to retrieve the list of channel subscribers
Profile description not available
There's no way to retrieve the primary "description" information entered on the profile "Channel Info" page.

YouTube API Enhancements

We feel the API would be more useful with the following enhancements:

Need Playlist countHint
Playlists are a core feature of a user profile. The number of Playlists in a channel should be included as a countHint in the profile feed just like the number of Favorites.