So You Think You Can Dance - Season 6

SYTYCD Season 6

In 2009, So You Think You Can Dance transitioned from being a summer show to a fall show. This page features season six, held in the fall of 2009.


Russell Ferguson, the relatively untrained dancer from Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, takes home the SYTYCD prize of $250,000.

Eliminated dancers:

  • 2nd: Jakob Karr
  • 3rd: Kathryn
  • 4th: Ellenore Scott
  • 5th: Ashleigh DiLello
  • 6th: Ryan DiLello
  • Top 8: Mollee Gray and Legacy
  • Top 10: Noelle Marsh and Nathan Trasoras
  • Top 12: Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley
  • Top 14: Channing Cooke and Kevin Hunte
  • Top 16: Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino
  • Top 18: Bianca Revels and Phillip Atmore
  • Top 20: Ariana Debose and Brandon Dumlao

Billy Bell was originally ranked in the Top 20 but had to withdraw due to injury.

Be sure to visit the official So You Think You Can Dance website for lots of great information, full episodes and extras.


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Video Update

Unfortunately, videos from the show are no longer available online.


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