American Idol 2009 Performances

Adam Lambert

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American Idol Top 13 performers - all full videos (not audio-only):

Full Videos of Idol Performances

American Idol is very vigilant in removing videos of performances from the current season from YouTube. However, full videos (audio plus video) of contestant performances are available on a number of other services. Our favorite way to watch full videos is through mjsbigblog. MJ posts high quality complete videos of every performance so that viewers can revisit any segment of any Idol episode. The links below go to the appropriate pages of mjsbigblog or directly to MJ's video collection.

We also provide full videos of all of Adam Lambert's performances from MJ on a single page.

Idol Top 12 is a Top 13

Top 13 Performers

The guys are much stronger than the girls this year. Using the new format, two guys and one girl advanced to the Top 12 from each of groups 1, 2 and 3. Judges advanced four singers (two guys, two girls) in the Wild Card round, making it a Top 13.

In this section, we provide full videos of all or most of the performances by each of the Top contestants. Click on the photo on the left to get started!

Top 36

Top 36 - Group 1

Group 1 members were Alexis Grace, Anne Marie Boskovich, Anoop Desai, Brent Keith, Casey Carlson, Danny Gokey, Jackie Tohn, Michael Sarver, Ricky Braddy, Stephen Fowler, Stevie Wright and Tatiana Del Toro

The first three members of the Top 13 were announced on Wednesday, February 19th. They are:

  • Alexis Grace
  • Danny Gokey
  • Michael Sarver

We agree with the selection of Alexis and Danny, but think Ricky Braddy or Anoop Desai should have won over Michael. Both Ricky and Anoop made it through to the Wild Card round and definitely deserve their slots. Tatiana Del Toro also made it to the Wild Card round.

Top 36 - Group 2

Group 2 members were Kris Allen, Matt Breitzke, Megan Corkrey, Matt Giraud, Mishayonna Henson, Allison Iraheta, Kai Kalama, Adam Lambert, Jesse Langseth, Nick "Normund" Mitchell, Jasmine Murray and Jeanine Vailes.

The second three members of the top 12 are:

  • Adam Lambert
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Kris Allen

We were pleasantly surprised to see Kris make the list - and it looked like he couldn't believe it at all. Adam and Allison were expected after their strong performances in the Top 36. Matt Giraud didn't do very well in the Top 36, but was very strong earlier and received quite a bit of air time. Jesse Langseth has a unique sound that the judges like. We didn't care for Megan Corkrey's earlier performances, but thought she did well here. Jasmine Murray had a strong start, but faded in Group 2. Matt, Jesse, Megan and Jasmine all made it to the Wild Card round.

Top 36 - Group 3

The Top 36 Group 3 performed Tuesday, March 3. The group members are Alex Wagner-Trugman, Arianna Afsar, Felecia Barton, Jorge Nunez, Ju'Not Joyner, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Nathaniel Marshall, Scott MacIntyre, Taylor Vaifanua and Von Smith. Our favorites before-hand were Alex Wagner-Trugman, Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre, but we thought Arianna Afsar, Jorge Nunez, Kendall Beard, Taylor Vaifanua and Von Smith might also do well.

The third three members of the top 12 are:

  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Jorge Nunez

We would have picked Von Smith over Jorge, but Jorge did very well. Von was the only member of this group to advance to the Wild Card round.

Top 36 - Wild Card

The judges picked eight singers for a second chance to join the top 12. Six of the first nine slots for the top 12 were won by men, but the judges did not add "extra" women to try to balance the gender of the top 12 through the wild card. The eight wild card contestants were:"

  • Von Smith, Ricky Braddy, Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai
  • Jasmine Murray, Megan Corkrey, Tatiana Del Toro and Jesse Langseth

Ricky Braddy gave the best vocal performance of the night, but did not advance. Judges picked four singers rather than three, making it a Top 13. Final members are:

  • Jasmine Murray
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

Hollywood Week

We won't try to provide a guide to the four Hollywood Week episodes. Watch all of the segments from each episode by following the links below:


Browse audition videos by city by selecting the appropriate album at mjsbigblog videos.


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